Growth is always hard, but in times of change and uncertainty, even successful companies can face steep obstacles to achieving it. Trusted business models run out of steam. Disruptive startups seem to come from nowhere. Organizations so good at doing what made them successful face the “innovator’s dilemma” – and become victims of their own success. Leadership teams are too busy executing to think long-term or just don’t have a process in which they feel confident.

Traditional approaches to growth strategy look to the past to predict the future. They are facing the wrong way. We believe that when you take a “future back” approach to set your growth strategy, you can build new paths to growth that have not yet been imagined.

Creating the vision to own the future. We work with leaders at both the enterprise and division levels to align on a shared vision for the future: who we will become, where to play, and how to win. Specifically, we help organizations to:

  • Understand fast-moving and disruptive trends and their implications for your business
  • Identify high-potential growth opportunities in adjacent and “white space” markets
  • Define the role of M&A in the growth portfolio
  • Identify and pursue game-changing ideas to accelerate growth
  • Expose leadership misalignment: uniting the senior team around strategy
  • Create a customer “jobs to be done” view of the marketplace and opportunities
  • Develop a shared view of future aspirations and a detailed plan for how to achieve them

Organizing to realize new opportunities. We help to design a portfolio of opportunities across businesses and build organization momentum for success. This includes:

  • Manage resource allocation across a portfolio of core and new growth
  • Prioritize customer-driven opportunities
  • Get stakeholders aligned around a new strategy and build the case for change

Making it happen. We go beyond simple growth strategy consulting to help create and support focused execution by putting into place the right milestones, targets, and learning programs:

  • Blueprint new business models
  • Understand customer “jobs to be done”
  • Create and implement performance metrics and other systems to pursue new and different
  • Develop plans to learn for new business launches

Our approach is highly collaborative, driven by our values, and with a focus on having a real and lasting impact.