Giga Hellas provides strategic, fixed-cost services for securing and enforcing Patent and Registered Design protection for new inventions, provisional patent services & more. Our patent attorneys operate directly in Greece, Europe, and Overseas through our foreign patent attorney/consultants network. Our patent consultants are experts in their technology fields and committed to providing the highest level of professional service.


A well-managed patent portfolio is a very powerful commercial tool that can be used to increase the value of your business and secure commercial monopolies over your inventions. Protecting your inventions with robust patent applications is the first step in building a valuable patent portfolio.

Patent matters can be complex, and it is important to work with a patent consultant who understands both your technology and your business objectives. Our patent consultants have wide-ranging technical experience and will take the time to understand what you need to achieve and guide you through the process of obtaining meaningful patent protection.

Specific Patent Consultant Services

Our patent consultant services include:

  • General advice and strategies regarding optimizing your patent portfolio
  • Preparation of patent specifications
  • Filing and prosecuting patent applications at the Greek or the European Patent Office
  • Filing and prosecuting international patent applications via the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) and overseas patent applications via the Paris Convention
  • Advice on licensing and assigning patents
  • Assistance in applying for government grants
  • Investigating the patentability of inventions and assessing the risk of infringement of existing patent rights

Registered Designs

Registered designs are a valuable part of any IP portfolio.

Registered designs now provide a speedy and cost-effective instrument that can be used to quickly build the commercial value of an IP portfolio and provide effective protection for a product range. At Giga Hellas, we have over 30 years of combined experience managing registered designs in Greece, Europe-wide, and internationally. Our design registration strategy can help you build and manage a design portfolio that significantly increases your intangible asset base and gives you the power to license or sell the rights to specific product designs or product ranges.

Registered Design Services Greece, Europe & International

Our design registration services include:

  • General advice and strategies regarding optimizing your design portfolio.
  • Preparation of design applications and computer-aided drawings.
  • Filing and prosecuting design applications at the Greek or the European Designs Office.
  • Filing and prosecuting overseas design applications via the Paris Convention.
  • Advice on licensing and assigning design registrations.
  • Investigating the registrability of your designs and assessing the risk of infringement of existing design registrations.
  • All other aspects of managing registered designs Greece-Europe-wide and internationally.

Trademark Registration

A trademark can be the most valuable asset of a business or brand. Trademarks legally distinguish goods or services of businesses from others. Trademarks protect brands, providing exclusive legal rights to use words, symbols, logos, or designs Worldwide. While business names and company names are registered, they do not prevent others from using the same name. In the long run, it can be difficult and expensive to legally enforce your brand without a trademark. Giga Hellas team has a long-time experience in trademark enforcement and trademark registration locally and internationally.

How to Register a Trademark?

Before applying for a trademark, we need to make sure:

  • A detailed search is completed for confusingly similar or existing trademarks, which may prevent the trademark application’s success and long-term enforceability.
  • Correct classes of goods/services for trademark registration are chosen. There are different classes of goods and services–choosing the correct classes is important, as these cannot be expanded once filing your application.
  • The trademark application meets overall compliance and substantive requirements.
  • We develop an adequate plan for using the trademark. Incorrectly using the trademark can open it up to cancellation or opposition from competitors on grounds of non-use.

At Giga Hellas, our trademark consultants have a long life of experience legally enforcing and registering trademarks Greece-wide and internationally. The team at Giga Hellas can assist every step of the way—saving time with your application and ensuring your trademark is legally enforceable over the long term.

Trade Mark Registration Requirements

Whiles successfully registering a trademark is an exhaustive process, all trademark applications have these minimum requirements:

  • The trademark owner’s name and contact details.
  • A representation of the trademark (it can be a word, letter, symbol, image, or logo).
  • A description of goods or services where the trademark will apply.
  • List of relevant classes associated with the trademark.
  • Translation to another language (if any).
  • Registration fee.

Trade Mark Registration Cost

Whether you’re intending on filing a trademark application in Greece, Europe, or Worldwide, fees vary. The costs of trademark registration depend on the trademark’s complexity, and the number of classes applied for each class’s filing costs. Many of the government filing fees are non-refundable, so it’s important to ensure your application is successful. Giga Hellas are highly experienced in ensuring your trademark registration is successful while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Get Started Registering your Trade Mark Today

If you want to ensure your trademark registration is successful and legally enforceable, Giga Hellas professional trademark consultants can help.

IP Searching

IP searching is often a key step in assessing your intellectual property position. We provide a wide range of search solutions.

Targeted IP Searching

Targeted IP searching enables us to map the field of existing rights and technologies in your specific area. IP searching permits us to assess the registrability of your inventions, designs, and trademarks and can also be used to help you keep up to date with your competitors’ positions and reduce the likelihood of infringing existing intellectual property rights. IP searching is an important step in the development of a new brand, design, or invention.

IP Searching Services

Our IP searching services include:

  • Searches to assess the registrability of new inventions, designs, or brands
  • Searches to assess potential infringement of existing patents, registered designs, or registered trademarks
  • Name searches to collect competitive intelligence regarding the intellectual property rights of competitors
  • Subject matter searches to provide market intelligence concerning intellectual property activity in your industry.